| Roku com link | is an official link, that can help user to activate the Roku Activation code online. If you are a new user with Roku and want to setup your Roku Device, then you can follow the guidelines which is listed with user guide which you received with your purchase. If you are not able to find the user guide then search for step by step Roku device setup or Installation guide.


Enable your Roku streaming device or TV by entering the Roku activation code at URL:


How to setup new Roku Device?


In ordre to complete Roku setup, user can follow the instruction listed below:


Roku Setup Guide – There’s a Roku product for everyone

  1. Link Roku Device to your TV via HDMI cable or composite cable.
  2. In case, Roku has an Ethernet port, then connect it to router with an Ethernet cable.
  3. Attach the Roku player to the power port, and attach the power adapter to a wall outlet.
  4. Open Remote's battery cover and connect new batteries with it.
  5. Please ensure that you have chosen the correct TV input.
  6. Once you turn on your Roku device, you will be getting the Roku logo on the screen.

How to generate Roku activation code?


User can get Roku Activation Code after complete Roku device setup. User need to login with their Roku Account on your device, after done that device will display the code, that need to be activate online at URL:


How do I link my Roku TV to my account?

    • Go to URL:
    • Enter the link code displayed on your TV.
    • Now you will get two options here.
    • Sign in with your Existing Roku Account Or create a new one.
    • Create a Roku Account by following the on-screen instruction.
    • After complete, all the steps using you will be able to stream on your Roku device. steps:


Activate your Roku streaming player or Roku TV, it must need to be linked with a Roku account. Your Roku account stores information related to your Roku streaming device which you have purchased and the channels which you have Installed in the Roku device, as well as your settings and preferences.


The important part is that you should have a valid email address & password with Roku to manage your Roku account to receive important updates and notification from it. Also, you should choose a strong password for your Roku account.


Activating your Roku device:


Follow the Quick Start Guide to activate your Roku device.


Important:- Before going back to Roku Device, complete all the steps on the website otherwise Roku device will not be activated.The payment method allows you to purchase a subscription for popular channels. Rent or buy movies and TV shows, or you also can buy from the Roku channel store.


Adding a payment method will not result in any charges to your account.You will charge only when if you go for the additional steps for purchase; e.g., buying any TV shows, movies or adding channels from the Roku store.